Corporate accounts don’t need to be hard work

Remove all the usual friction with an

Intergiro multi-currency Corporate Account

All from day 1.

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We're different.

We don't want to lend you money or charge you hidden fees.

We are here to provide fast and simple services at fair prices

Fast Onboarding
Fair Pricing
We are not a bank
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Our paperless application form takes minutes to complete, not hours
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Getting started takes less than 20 minutes.
Our streamlined paperless application form normally takes less than 20 minutes to complete
Spend or send abroad without any hidden fees.
Banks usually love to sneak in nasty fees wherever they can. We have simplified and fair pricing policy that reflects the costs we incur
We are not a bank
Banking is necessary, banks are not. We are not here to lend you money and try to cross sell you stuff you don't need. We just want to provide really useful payment and FX services

Why Us?

One business account to rule them all.

We are here to provide secure, fast and fair services for all who need it.

Licensed & Regulated

Proudly regulated by the Swedish Financial Regulator.

Next-level Security

We use advanced crytography to secure your data.

Interbank FX Rates

No more hidden fees. We use the interbank exchange rates.

Multi-currency cards

Coming soon, our smart cards will give you complete control over your spending

Open Business API

Coming soon, our open API will let you integrate your favourite apps and services

Don’t take our word for it.

From small businesses to well-funded startups
or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Get bank details for any of the currencies in which you do business.

  • Pay and get paid like a local
  • Avoid nasty fees caused by invoices in different currencies
  • Easy FX when your business needs it
“My young business has been global from the start.  I have to manage my liquidity in several different currencies, so fast cheap FX is vital.”

Emrik Petersson, Airbnb


You get UK, Euro and US bank details from day one.

  • Total flexibility to work wherever your trade takes you
  • Invoice companies in the currency they already do business in
“I freelance in the EU and pay my bills in Pounds,  I want the flexibility pay and receive invoices in different currencies.”

Morris Fagerdahl, Freelance Developer

Our Smartcards
are coming soon.

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