Our environment
is ever changing.

To survive and add value our organisation needs to change with it. To achieve this we have built an adaptive service model that optimises for flatness over hierarchy.

Our way

We care about technological progress. We believe that technology drives progress and business drives technology.

We are on a mission to provide the financial toolkit required for businesses to thrive in the digital age.

We believe that digital businesses need truly digital banking.

We have therefore set out to fundamentally rethink what business banking is in the digital age. The result is a banking system built from zero specifically for digital businesses.

To serve digital businesses we need digital structures. We are building platforms, that are cloud native using open source tools.

Traditional command & control organisational structures break in dynamic environments. We have built an adaptive ‘service-based’ organisation with our people organised in squads.

Our anti-fragile teams, working together in progressive cultures, go on to build systems and products that are built for change rather than just pay lip service to it.

Join us

We aim for an incredibly high standard across all our squads – a necessary condition given the scale and ambition of what we are trying to achieve.

We select for character before ability and ability before skills. This is because we believe that an effective culture is the key enabler for our success.

It’s a fact of life that this kind of organisation is not for everyone. The people that do well in this kind of structure are self-starting problem solvers, that reason from zero and have a tendency to lead, not follow.