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Start with Why

We built Intergiro on the foundational ideas of financial inclusion and facilitation.

We care about financial inclusion because it increases economic participation, which we believe is a critical ingredient of evolution.

We’re not talking about biological evolution, but more generally about the evolution of ideas that lead to innovation and economic prosperity.

This lack of innovation is causing vastly divergent levels of economic prosperity, creating a skewed distribution of opportunity and comfort.

We want to contribute to fixing this problem by leveraging technological and regulatory advances to build simple, safe and accessible products that bring more economic participants online so that the natural benefits of evolution can unfold.

Once inclusion is addressed, we believe the next challenge is facilitation, which means building financial systems that enable rather than inhibit progress. In other words, financial products should shape, reshape and adapt to what people and businesses want to do, rather than be a limiting factor in what can be done.

Somewhere amongst the swollen balance sheets and banking crises this idea has been lost. The banks kept up well with the slow, glacial change of business before the turn of the millennium. But once the internet got going, they could not keep up.

A conservative culture led to insufficient technological investment and a tokenistic approach to innovation, which in turn resulted in the banks slowing down at a time when the rest of the world was speeding up.

We want to contribute to fixing this problem by building resilient teams, that work together in progressive cultures, that go on to build systems and products that are built for change rather than just play lip service to it.

In future posts we will explain how exactly we plan on tackling these issues, but right now we just want to start with why.